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2020 Formal Music is a series of audiovisual compositions for guitar, two sensor instruments and an interactive virtual combo. The compositions are based on the development process of centralized real-time control of virtual electronic instruments that started in 2011. The goal is to control and vary the features of the computer controlled preplanned elements within the given limits while playing the solo instrument. Controllable elements are for example pitch, velocity, length, color and density of the notes. The scale and destination of controllable elements  is defined instrument by instrument and adjusted with master controls, in example foot pedals.

Formal Music is a solo work that includes visual elements that are composed to respond to every note of every instrument. The form, movement, size, texture, color and brightness are following the values of the MIDI data produced by the instruments. The objective is to produce a visual construction that doesn’t over power the information level and attraction of the musical elements. It is more about creating a “live” painting than a movie with a narrative.

2013- Visual Music Orchestra (ViMO). A media art concept that can be molded from an interactive installation to a multi-member performance ensemble. Started the development of basic technology and building of the new multi-part art-work ORNAMENTS in cooperation with The Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre. Ornaments was part of the TEKES-funded VIMMA-project (Virtual, Intermedial and Mixed Reality Performance in Live Production and Creative Contexts, 2013-2014). Research and development focuses on audiovisual sensor based instruments controlled by Leap Motion and 3-D screens based on Origami folding.

2012 KOTA. An installation built of physical objects and interactive audiovisual content commissioned by the Asko Foundation in supporting and promoting the export of Finnish design. KOTA was completed in cooperation with Helsinki Design Week and Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre as a part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project.

2010 The state artist grant to complete ENERGO, an audiovisual dramatized concerto for vocal group Rajaton, electronic orchestra, sensor instruments, soloists, and visual elements including the interactive Energo installation for public disposal executed in cooperation with the TEKES-funded project DREX (Space, Theatre & Experience – Novel Forms of Evental Space 2009-2012). One of the main events of the Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 -project. 4 performances for 4000 spectators.

2009 FRAMED. Interactive sensor instrument installation at Milano design week promoting the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project. Implemented in cooperation with designer Mikko Paakkanen. The installation was also displayed at Mikko Paakkanens exhibition in The Design Museum (Helsinki 2012).

1997-2008 Artist in residence and producer at Computer Arts Centre in Espoo (Cartes) founded by the city of Espoo, Sibelius Academy and Helsinki University of Technology. Creating a number of multi-art works, developing sensor-based instruments and forming the ensemble Cartes Art Machine (CAM). Also in charge of research and development. Working as the Acting Director in 2005.

2006 Opening ceremony of the Exhibition centre WeeGee in Espoo by Cartes Art Machine. Composing and producing the CAM CD CHIASMA.

2005 KAIF. Interactive sensor instrument installation and opening performance of the music exhibition at the Finnish Science Center HEUREKA.

1998-2004 Series of multi-art works in different combinations for symphony orchestra (Tapiola Sinfonietta) and soloists, sensor instruments, choirs, dancers, electronics, video and computer graphics, industrial robots including a work for the opening ceremony of the new IT -center of Helsinki University of Technology and MetaSYNK, a simultaneous concert performance in Espoo Cultural Centre and Kiasma museum of contemporary art in Helsinki. MetaSYNK was part of the Helsinki 2000 European capital of culture programme.

1990 IN2a3 ensemble. Reeds, percussion, guitar and electronics. Among other concerts IN2a3 visited Indonesia (Jakarta jazz festival in 1992). Large-scale radio works: Metal Works, Strings Attached for electronic orchestra and IN2a3 and Ktema Eis for Avanti! chamber orchestra, electronic orchestra and IN2a3. The state artist grant 1996.

1985 INSTINCT. A contemporary electric combo that mixed elements from jazz, rock and funk. Concert-, radio-, and TV-performances, three records, the first one elected as jazz record of the year in Finland. Also elected as guitarist of the year in Finland. Compositions for TV-show-, multi-vision-, and video programs. Co founder and part-time director of the Helsinki Winter jazz festival. 8 CD:s for the advertising agency Erva-Latvala, later Vera 1989 – 1996 consisting of arrangements of different styles of classical music and own compositions for electronic orchestra and soloists.

1976 Co founder of the group Wasama Quartet that combined musical elements from jazz and world music. Concert-, radio- and TV- performances in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA. Group of the year award in Finland 1981. The record Dirty Date was also elected as the jazz record of the year in Finland.

1974 First electronic music compositions and performances. Co founder of the live electronics group NEUM (first in the Nordic countries)

1972 – 1979 Classical guitar and music theory studies at the Helsinki Conservatory.